PPOM Measure Input


PPOM Measure input allows clients to order products with quantities like Fabric in meter, Milk in Liter, Grocery in Lbs, etc. Calculations like a square meter or cubic meter can easily be accomplished.

This Measure is available in PPOM PRO

How PPOM Measure input works

Let’s say if you want to sell wallpapers and charge customer based on per/feet ($5/feet).

  • create a product with price $5.00
  • create measure input with your labels like Length in Feet
  • Attach this PPOM meta with product

That’s all. Now when a customer will enter the value in feet in a measure like 20 feet it will be multiplied with product price = $5×20 = $100.00

And if you want to calculate square feet, just create another measure input in same PPOM meta group.

I hope it will help you. Below example calculates lengths in square feet.

Download this CSV file and import into your site under PPOM fields page.



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